A Point of Sale for Every Restaurant!


Run your restaurants & cafes efficiently and get a unique experience with DGTERA POS solutions.

Provide Best Customer Experience!

Serve your customers better with various marketing features & customized plans!

Keep customers coming back and boost your restaurant sales with DGTERA POS loyalty programs and customized discounts.

DGTERA POS ... More Than Just Selling!

Run all your restaurant branches anywhere at the same time, with the best POS Software.

From restaurant chains to small cafes, run your business more efficiently through DGTERA cloud-based POS system and monitor your restaurant orders, sale and purchase traffic, and 24/7 inventory updates all around the clock!

Flexible Features For a Premium Service.

Customize your point of sale, optimize your restaurant management, and choose what suits you better with DGTERA POS.

Control DGTERA POS's flexible features according to your operating plan and customers' preferences.

DGTERA POS .. Restaurant Management As it Should Be!

Build a point of sale that perfectly fits your restaurant. Choose DGTERA POS!


Create exclusive offers of various meals and drinks at handy prices.

Loyalty Programs

to build customers' loyalty and turn your walk-ins into regulars.

Customizable Price Lists

with flexible prices according to items' availability or branches.

Blind Closure

To avoid sales fraud at cashier drawer.

Waste Management

With multiple ways to track waste items for better inventory control.

Returns Management

Recording returns and transferring them to waste items with detailed management reports.


Multiple Payment Options

Supporting smart payment methods including STC PAY, credit cards, etc...

Bill of Material (BOM)

So you can easily monitor inventory updates and get real-time data for each item.

Additional solutions for every restaurant

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Preparing orders has become easier through kitchen screens, where order contents can be distributed to multiple chefs by linking the KDS to the cashier and following up on orders status from receipt to execution.

Catering System (Waiter)

Accept customers’ orders without wasting time, and send orders directly from tables to kitchen staff to immediately start preparing the orders. Waiter device synchronizes with your POS system, so you can easily modify or add orders with no delay or hassle.

Customer Display System (CDS)

Display all customers’ order details through (CDS) the screen corresponding to the cashier, in addition to loyalty points, discounts, current offers, and marketing videos.

Contact Center

Receive your customers’ orders via contact center on phone, online, or through delivery applications, and distribute orders to restaurant branches according to demand status of each branch.

Order Status Screen (Notifier)

Keep your customers informed of orders’ status, and notify them as soon as the order is ready. Our notifier system syncs with the KDS to inform the kitchen staff of order sequences and the preparation time required.

Restaurant Table Management

Easily configure and display your restaurant floor plan and manage your seats, tables and rooms while displaying each table’s orders.

A higher level of integration to manage your restaurant

Dgtera POS software guarantees you a different level of complete integration between your restaurant stores and other departments.

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Purchasing solutions

Inventory solutions

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