Point of sale solutions for restaurants and cafes

Efficient management & better performance

Get a unique experience of managing your restaurant with the Point of Sale system from DGTERA and start your business wherever you are with an easy-to-use interface and detailed and real-time reports.

Provide your customers with a unique experience

There are many advantages and marketing features to satisfy your customers.

Give your customers the benefits and gifts that suit them to provide a unique experience and attract more sales without changing products or adding duplicate products!

Cloud POS .. More than just a cashier!

Control all branches of your restaurant simultaneously with the best POS system!

From restaurant chains to small coffee shops, manage your business more efficiently with a cloud point of sale system and monitor online orders, sales and purchases, and inventory updates around the clock!

Flexible features For better service!

Every customer has different desires and every management has a different operating plan! .. POS system suits everyone!

Through the flexible features in the DGTERA point of sale system, you can enable or close many features according to the operating plan and the nature of your customers.

Become one of the most successful restaurants and cafes with DGTERA POS solutions!

Add many advantages to your customers' experience through the features of the POS system


To enable you to make attractive orders for customers, including different meals and drinks, and e

Premium loyalty programs

To enhance the level of loyalty of your customers and provide the best experience during each visit.

Flexible price-lists

Variable prices according to the type of request, its source or branch.

Blind closure

Avoid sales manipulation by not hiding sales from the cashier.

Waste overseeing

Multiple ways of recording waste for better inventory control.

Returns management

Recording returns and transferring them to peril with detailed management reports.


Various payment methods

With support for smart payment methods such as STC PAY payments, credit cards, and others.

Item Components

For easy follow-up of the stock inventory and obtaining real-time data for each item.

Additional solutions for each restaurant

Waiter Display System

Receive your customers’ orders without wasting time at their tables. You can also send orders directly to the kitchen staff to start preparing orders immediately. It can be modified and added from all waiter and point of sale devices, as they are all synchronized.

Customer Display System

Display all the details of your customers’ orders through the corresponding screen of the cashier, the necessary order information, and display loyalty points, discounts, materials and marketing videos.

Kitchen Display System

Preparing orders has become more accessible through the kitchen screens, where the contents of the order can be distributed to more than one food processor to complete the tasks at the specified time by linking them to the cashier and following up the orders from the moment they are received until they are prepared.

Notifier Display Screen

The perfect solution is to keep your customers informed of the status of their order and alert them as soon as the order is ready. In addition, it links directly to the kitchen monitor system to inform cooks of order sequences and the time required for preparation.

Table Management

Corresponding and arranging orders according to the roles and actual design of the restaurant, as well as displaying orders for each table to ensure ease of completion.

Call Center Platform

Coordinating and arranging orders according to the roles and actual design of the restaurant, as well as displaying orders for each table to ensure ease of completion.

A higher level of integration for Management of Your Restaurant

The DGTERA POS program guarantees a different level of complete integration between your restaurant’s points of sale and other departments.

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