Inventory software from DGTERA is the best for your restaurant.

A flexible inventory software that helps you better organize and manage your restaurant’s inventory and improve the efficiency of your daily business.​

DGTERA Inventory Your best choice for managing your restaurant's warehouses

A solution that enables you to track inventory movements, starting from purchasing and ending with stores

Easy Stocktaking for Inventory with less effort

With DGTERA Inventory Software, you don't need to be present in your restaurant's warehouse to do the inventory

DGTERA Inventory Software saves your time

With everything you need to manage your restaurant inventory better

Warehouse division management

Expiration date management

Supplementary application

Purchasing Orders

Receiving orders


Stock orders

Rules for re-orders

Higher level of integration to Manage your Restaurant

DGTERA Inventory Program guarantees you a different level of complete integration between your restaurant’s warehouses and other departments.

POS Solution

Purchasing Solution

Finance Solution

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