DGTERA Inventory System

No. #1 System For Managing Your Restaurants’ Inventory Efficiently!

Track your restaurants’ stock levels, facilitate the stocktaking of quantities at each branch, and improve the efficiency of your day-to-day business through DGTERA inventory system.

Manage All your Restaurant’s Inventory with Ease, Anytime, & Anywhere.

DGTERA Inventory system is your best choice to track all your restaurants’ inventory and goods movements from purchasing till you have them on your warehouse shelf.

Full Inventory
Traceability with Less Efforts!

Monitor stock movement at each step wherever you are through our easy-to-use restaurant inventory system. Through a sweeping dashboard, track stock levels and avoid stockouts whether you’re at the restaurant, at the warehouse, or even at home!

Less Stocktaking Time = Better Performance. Switch To DGTERA Restaurant Inventory Management System!

Control and organize every aspect of the stock, maintain a smooth flow of supplies & items, and maximixe your overall restaurant profit with DGTERA restaurant inventory management system.

Warehouse Division Management.

Expiration Date Management

Completion Order

Exchange Orders

Receipt Orders

Returns Management

Stock Orders

Returns Regulations

Get Ready For The New Era of Restaurants with DGTERA!

DGTERA ensures you a different level of complete integration through our must-have restaurant management systems. Ace restaurant management and run your restaurant like a real master with DGTERA!

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