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Discover DGTERA Smart Solutions; To help you enhance operational efficiency by providing the latest technology business advisory and developing tailored solutions to meet the needs of different industries


We specialize in providing integrated enterprise management solutions for companies and institutions

Intelligent Business Platforms

Software Development Service

DGTERA Solutions

Consulting and Recruitment

Software Development Service

Low-code software development

We provide a software development service to create custom mobile applications and software solutions suitable for all programming languages and tools. We automate processes to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and increase productivity

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Outsourcing Consulting and Recruitment Services

Everything you need to manage human resources like a pro

We help you reduce costs and increase production efficiency within your company by utilizing external human resources for non-core functions, such as software development, technical support and project management while taking care of meeting government requirements regarding insurance and expenses

Develop Smart Platforms

Create platforms tailored to suit each organization

We provide integrated ERP solutions to companies using platforms such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics. To run everything related to money, employees, customers, sales, purchasing and many other things necessary to local businesses.

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DGTERA Solutions

One integrated system to manage all your company's daily operations

We offer comprehensive accounting, purchasing, warehouse, sales and CRM software that automates finance and accounting activities, simplifies the purchasing cycle, manages and monitors real-time inventory and is suitable for many sectors

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Integrated software that includes all the features you need to manage restaurants and cafes to keep pace with the development of their daily business with accuracy and ease


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