All you need to know about DGTERA for POS and accounts

What is the DGTERA system?
It is an accounting and administrative system dedicated to restaurants. It includes all sections needed by restaurant owners or those managing them and their employees to complete their daily work easily and efficiently. Among these sections are points of sale – accounts – purchases – warehouses
Yes, the multilingualism of restaurant workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been considered, and there is more than one language in the DGTERA restaurant management system.
DGTERA restaurant management system works in both cases, whether with or without the Internet, so the restaurant’s workflow continues.
There is no need to purchase another system with the DGTERA restaurant management system because it contains all the sections of the restaurants as well and ensures integration between them.
Yes, it supports electronic billing and helps you comply with the conditions of the Zakat and Income Authority in the Kingdom.
Yes, it supports cloud kitchens, also known as the Cloud Kitchens. It provides you with all accounting and administrative treatments and manages them easily.
The POS Solution in DGTERA includes everything you need to satisfy your customers, such as discounts/offers/loyalty programs/ease of use and many other features that can be known through the following link:
DGTERA is an integrated accounting solution suitable for a new era of digital transformation in the management of restaurants and cafes! From daily entries to service pricing, DGTERA is a comprehensive and flexible accounting system that allows you to professionally follow the most accurate details of your restaurant’s cost accounts and monitor each accounting process. And many other features that can be known through the following link:
The DGTERA Purchasing Solution helps you manage and follow up on everything related to the purchases of your restaurant. Register supplier’s data/quotations / purchase orders/returns/terms of delivery and payment and many other features that can be known through the following link: