Cloud-based POS

Dgtera POS is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline operations and enhance profitability for restaurant branches. It encompasses a wide range of features that enable you to manage all aspects of your restaurant’s financial and operational activities with ease and efficiency

Cloud Based Point of Sale

Boost Your Profits

Tighten inventory control

Streamline Your Accounts

Restaurant Management System (RMS)

Everything You Need in One Place for Seamless and Exceptional Restaurant Management
Dgtera restaurant Management System is a comprehensive software solution that encompasses all aspects of your restaurant’s operations, from finance and procurement to inventory and human resources. It empowers you to seamlessly manage and control every step of your restaurant’s activities, ensuring efficiency, profitability, and a superior customer experience.

Restaurant Management System (RMS):

Boost Your Profits

Tighten inventory control

Streamline Your Accounts

Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)

Eliminate Kitchen Chaos: Transform your kitchen into a hub of efficiency with the Dgtera KDS. This intelligent system seamlessly organizes order flow, displaying customer orders categorized by kitchen sections.

Optimize Order Preparation: Enhance food preparation speed and accuracy by providing chefs with clear order details and real-time updates.

Minimize Errors: Reduce costly mistakes and ensure order consistency by providing clear instructions and eliminating the need for manual order tracking

Boost Customer Satisfaction: Deliver hot, fresh food on time, every time, exceeding customer expectations and driving positive reviews

Customer Display Screen(CDS)

Your Interactive Gateway to an Exceptional Customer Ordering Journey

Customer Display Screen: enables seamless interaction, delivers an optimal customer experience, fosters loyalty between customers and your restaurant, and allows them to “know all the details of their orders, from products to add-ons to special notes and other features” with ease and fluidity

Notifier Display Screen

Optimize Order Pickup: Streamline order pickup and minimize wait times with the Dgtera Notifier Display. This smart display provides customers with real-time order status updates and their order number, ensuring a seamless pickup process

Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Reduce customer frustration and improve overall satisfaction by providing clear order information and eliminating the need to wait in line for updates

Dgtera order

Elevate Your Restaurant’s Order Management with Efficiency

Dgtera Admin

Follow your restaurant up to date, and get branch sales reports, customer payment methods, the best-selling orders in each branch, an inventory of your restaurant stores, and everything related to your employees, including “personal information and job information.”

Branch sales reports

Inventory Control

Employees Management

Waiter App

Say goodbye to paper with a smart application that allows you to record your customers’ orders easily and without errors, add all your customers’ notes and send them to the cashier in a semple way

Self-Ordering (Kiosk)

Easier ordering experience for your customers:

The self-ordering (Kiosk) enhances your sales by providing a simpler ordering experience for your customers where they can select and edit their entire order and complete the payment process in simple steps.

Online Menu

Let your customers explore your restaurant’s online menu and enjoy a world full of delicious flavors and endless orders

Call center

Efficient and fast external order management solutions for easy ordering, let your customers enjoy an integrated customer experience.

Mini POS

Say goodbye to long queues, and hello to a unique payment experience for your customers.

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