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Comprehensive solutions designed to build a high-performance workforce and efficiently and professionally organize all HR and payroll processes for your restaurant from one place.

Human Resources Solutions
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When technology and expertise come together on the latest cloud systems.

Control everything related to payroll, hiring, expenses, schedules, daily work tasks, vacations, attendance and leave through one easy-to-use dashboard that can be accessed wherever you are!

The easiest HR system to manage your Restaurant!

Everything related to human resources tasks, from recruitment to retirement, is in your hands!

Hire talent, enhance the efficiency and productivity of your restaurant team, and achieve better performance with the comprehensive HR software solutions from DGTERA

Boost your employees' productivity and make better management decisions with DGTERA!

Switch to DGTERA and enjoy the best system for automating personnel and human resources management and enhancing employee productivity with complete professionalism from one place!

Employee self-service

For your restaurant staff to have access to all HR information, such as leave balances and payroll items.

Follow up attendance and leave.

مع إمكانية جدولة إجازات الموظفين مسبقًا وتسجيل الحضور مWith the ability to schedule employee vacations in advance and record attendance from anywhere.

Employee payroll statements

Easily and without errors while calculating the value of discounts and insurance in your country.

Comprehensive and simultaneous analytics and reports

To improve the quality of your professional and managerial decisions and set flexible, achievable goals for your restaurant staff.

Financial requests for employees

Covering staff expenses and monitoring approvals of financial requests such as travel allowance.

Smooth recruitment of the best candidates

Selection and placement of the best applicants for job vacancies according to the needs of your restaurant without the need for recruitment agencies.

Calculating overtime hours

Overtime hours are compensated through paid overtime or additional days off.

Improve employee performance

With the preparation of periodic evaluations of employees and the development of a plan to take advantage of their talents and plans to develop their performance.

Higher level of integration to Manage your Restaurant

The DGTERA POS program guarantees a different level of complete integration between your restaurant’s points of sale and other departments.

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