Powerful, Efficient, and Elegant Cloud-Based
Accounting Software

A Dynamic Accounting Software

DGTERA is a refreshingly simple, and blazing fast accounting software that anyone can use. Streamline all your money management activities, and get a bird’s eye view of your organization’s expenses, revenues, budgets, invoices, and more – all at the click of a button.
DGTERA Integrated Apps

Powerful recurring invoices

Get paid on time, every time with automatic payments for your repeat customers using the most powerful invoicing scheduler anywhere. Fully customize your invoices for any day of the week, month or year and with any frequency.

  • Invoice Management

    Capture invoices from any format quickly and accurately.

  • Analytic Accounting

    Plans and monitor costs and revenue during execution.

  • Assets Management

    Monitors and tracking assets and calculating depreciation.

  • Follow Up management

    Keep track of the dates by which your debt will get cleared

  • Budgets Management

    Measure your actual financial performance against the planned on

  • Payment Management

    Give your customer flexible plans for pay

Comprehensive Accounting Solution

The most powerful and feature-rich accounting software that is built to be simple and efficient
Easy Reconciliation, matches the bulk of the invoices, transactions, and accounts automatically. It also provides an effortless system for reconciling.
Smart Payables and Receivables for easy invoicing, discounts, execution of custom payment terms,and even forecasting of expenses.
Schedule and Automate recurring payments, timely payment reminders to customers.

    Take Data-Driven Decisions

    Combine your razor sharp business intuition with DGTERA’s penetrating insights to take data-driven decisions that actually improve your margins, reduce costs, increase your market share, achieve high customer retention rates, and help you succeed.

Intelligent Reporting

  • Plenty of standard reports available for quick overview and understanding. Automated account closing and P&L statements generation as per the scheduled time and date. Perform tax audits, create tax reports, prepare balance sheets, manage taxes with advanced features, and more.
  • Advanced Tax Management

  • Execute complex tax computations effortlessly with built-in support for extensive tax management, based on percentages, grids, tax on taxes, partial exemptions and more.
  • Fully integrated with DGTERA Apps

    Sales & CRM

    Turn sales & purchase orders into invoices in one-click and track them through their payment.


    Obtain meaningful information about supplier invoices.


    Work in periodic or perpetual inventory valuations. Get your accounting entries created automatically in standard price, average price of FIFO.